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Brush Vs Comb

Is it better to brush or comb your beard?

Comb?  Brush? Or do you manage beard with your hands? I just analyze the situation with a bearded brother and we have come to this conclusion: The use of combs or brushes depends on the type of beard you have and what you want to do with your facial hair.

The move is that each technique brings something different and depends somewhat on the stage you’re living your bearded experience, but if you are growing your first beard I’ll tell you something: The tips of your fingers are the best ally there at first because for fix a finite four beard hairs, no need to comb or brush or ….But what happens when the beast begins to grow and take density? Let’s talk a little about your options:

 unbrushed beard


Use a comb to …

When your facial hair starts to misbehave, it’s time to add a comb your beard kit. The idea of using a comb is always kept on hand to train your facial hair, redirect those crazy hairs do not know where to go and distribute your products a more uniform way:

comb beard

• Plastic combs are great for fine work as re-position facial hair and shaping beard. You can use it as guide to mark the line of your cheeks, stretching the hair before cutting or put it in your pocket to keep your beard on his site all the day but – BE CAREFUL: the really cheap combs are made of a flexible plastic too does not get along with dense or very curly beards.

• Wooden combs are also to untangle knots and remove facial hair but are much less cruel to your beard if you have facial frizzy or thick hair .. You know what I like wooden comb? You use it to apply your oils or products in the morning and as wood retains some of the oil, you can still combing and distributing your beard oil throughout the day.

• There are also combs stainless steel or aluminum but I’ll tell you the truth: No will brush my dog with a metal comb. Unless you have a mustache level competition or an incredibly dense beard that breaks all combs that show, you do not need a metal comb or joke because they’re bastards: scratching the skin, damage the facial hair and would not surprise me an oversight you suddenly ripped half beard.

Compare models and find the best comb your beard here:  Check here combs to pamper your beard

And choose a brush when …

If you use a brush on a short beard or sparseness you are going to destroy the skin because beard brushes are stiff bristle face scratchy but come well into play when there is a little more hair to work:

brush your beard

• Brushing removes dirt from the maxi-beards. When you use products like wax / oil or salve need to remove and be as cool beard Washing you every now and then , a good brushing removes many of those remains.

• Brush your facial hair is as a natural treatment for your beard because the compact bristles distribute the natural sebum your skin produces The result? A beard healthier without using commercial oil.

• Brushing regularly will also softens facial hair leaving you the most smooth and touchable beard because the bristles of brushes polished natural cuticle.

• Brushes for volumizing in the middle / long beards. If you have always want to have a cotton candy cloud type beard try a good brushing!

If your facial hair needs a good brushing, look at this: The best brushes for your beard

What is better for facial hair?

It depends, as my brother say “everyone has to find their secret sauce.” The fact is you can not change the amount of hair you have, the color or density of your beard but control the texture of the hair and finish with different techniques of combing and brushing is professional bearded.

If you want to see some example combinations and results, you can see these 7 ways to fix your beard but before you go, tell me …. ¿Combs or brush? and because?



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