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Glycerin in Some Beard Oils brands

Glycerin is Bad on Beard Oils


Glycerin in Some Beard Oils Brands – it’s really good for your Beard?

I’ve lately noticed that some of the well-recognized Beard Oil Brands are using glycerin as a part of their ingredients, which leads me to think on how beneficial this ingredient could be to our beards care.

GlycerinFirstly I would like to define what is glycerin (Glycerol) and some of its uses in the cosmetics market. Glycerin is a neutral liquid, of sweet taste, when cooled it becomes somewhat gelatinous, which supports temperature well without falling apart. This product is water-soluble, this means, it dissolves in water or alcohol, although not in oil, as being of different densities this causes to separate.
It has highly characteristics properties, for example, if you place it on your tongue in its pure state, this will cause blisters since it is a dehydrating agent, however, if this is diluted in water or alcohol, it tends to smooth the skin. Therefore, you should never use if it’s not mixed with water, alcohol or other ingredients because instead it will cause skin or hair damage.
You also have to be very careful in the seasons of the year with cold temperatures as these tend to be very dry. Be very careful with this product, due to being a moisture-attractant of the environment, if this can’t be found, then it will extract from where it was applied, causing dehydration either on the skin or hair, also its use for the hair is convenient in humid weather as it can produce hair frizz.

It is commonly used in cosmetics due to the many benefits it provides to the skin when is properly used, smoothing the skin in an amazing way. The main feature of glycerin, regardless of their origin being from animal or plant, is that is a magnificent moisturizer, so its main use is to retain the proper moisture in both the skin and hair.

So, what is the problem in using this ingredient in beard oil?

As I said before, Glycerin is a water-soluble element, which is only diluted in water or alcohol. Therefore, when mixed with the different oils used to make the beard oils IT DOES NOT MIX, forcing you to shake it vigorously to micro-separate its particles but not really mix with the oil. This is easily noticed when poured on your hand for its application. So when you buy beard oils, always verify the ingredients, be sure that you are purchasing the best beard oil products. In my personal opinion, I think that these companies are doing this to use glycerin as filler that occupies space in the bottle, which that means you are getting less oil, as it could be that you only obtain 90% oil and 10% glycerin or any other percentage that be, but not getting 100% Oil ( WATCH OUT ), be alert, don’t let them fool you. Seek only the best products for your beard and always read the labels to check the ingredients. Let us know what you think in the comment section below! #BeardON




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