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How to properly shape your beard

How to properly shape your beard Maintaining a healthy, attractive beard can be a production: It requires routine maintenance and a confidence about what looks best (and how to achieve it). If your beard needs a little direction — or if you’re just starting to grow one — follow this advice to keep it looking […]

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Brush Vs Comb

Is it better to brush or comb your beard? Comb?  Brush? Or do you manage beard with your hands? I just analyze the situation with a bearded brother and we have come to this conclusion: The use of combs or brushes depends on the type of beard you have and what you want to do with your facial hair. The move is […]

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Glycerin is Bad on Beard Oils

Glycerin in Some Beard Oils brands

  Glycerin in Some Beard Oils Brands – it’s really good for your Beard? I’ve lately noticed that some of the well-recognized Beard Oil Brands are using glycerin as a part of their ingredients, which leads me to think on how beneficial this ingredient could be to our beards care. Firstly I would like to define […]

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stimulating beard growth

4 Ways to Stimulate your Beard Growth

Is it accurate to say that you are a delayed prodigy with no facial hair or a high schooler who is basically urgent to awe his young lady with his ‘masculine beard? Indeed, whatever the reason might be, here are some tips that will definitely help you out. Growing a masculine beard is a dream […]

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Washing your Beard

How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

Are you Washing your Beard Too Much? So how often should you wash your beard? Well it depends on a few factors… If you hairs are finer they are more likely to look limp the day after a wash so you may want to wash it more frequently. For curly and coarse hairs every 3 […]

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