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Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Foil Shaver for Men with Clean & Charge Station, Electric Men’s Shaver, Razors, Shavers, Cordless Shaving System

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The Braun Series 5 5090cc is not just another pretty shaver. It has enough testosterone under the hood to master any beard—even yours. Under sleek lines and brushed-metal accents, this shaver is equipped with a unique combination of power and precision for uncompromising performance without sacrificing skin comfort. FlexMotionTec delivers 3X more adaptability vs. previous Series 5 shavers to provide significantly more skin contact in problem areas for efficient shaving with less skin pressure. PowerDrive supplies 20% more motor power than before for high-speed cutting, even on dense hair. All Series 5 shavers are made in Germany and combine advanced technology with world-famous Braun design and the highest Braun quality standards. Like all premium Braun shavers, this shaver is lab-tested to last 7 years, excluding the shaver head. For better cleaning and longer-lasting shaver sharpness vs. water cleaning, Braun provides you with the convenience of the world’s only 4-action, alcohol-based Clean & Charge Station: It cleans, charges, lubricates, and selects the cleaning program at the touch of a button—so your shaver feels like new every day.

At a Glance

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  • Redesigned Series 5, with looks that make a statement and performance to match.
  • 3X better adaptation, 20% more motor power*.
  • Lockable head, with 5 angle positions.
  • Patented UltraActiveLift effectively lifts and cuts problem hairs in fewer strokes.


*vs. previous Series 5


Main Product Features

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For efficient shaving with less skin pressure, minimizing skin irritation.


Individual suspension of all cutting elements responds to the smallest movements.


40° pivoting shaver head navigates larger contours for maximum skin contact.

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UltraActiveLift Middle Trimmer

Effectively captures problem hairs, especially in the neck and chin areas. Unique oscillating trimmer lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs in fewer strokes.

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CrossHair Blade

For outstanding closeness that lasts. Captures stubborn hairs growing in different directions and even the shortest stubble.

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20% more motor power than before for high-speed cutting, even on dense hair.

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Braun Clean & Renew System

New Design Automatic Clean & Charge Station.

The Series 5 features the world’s only 4-action, alcohol-based Clean & Charge Station:

It cleans, charges, lubricates, and selects the cleaning program at the touch of a button—so your shaver feels like new every day.

  1. Lubricates with each cleaning for longer-lasting cutting efficiency.
  2. Cleans significantly more hygienically than tap water. Noticeably more comfortable on skin.
  3. Charges for maximum battery power at all times.
  4. Intelligent cleaning-program selection for economical fluid consumption.

Braun is the inventor of the Cleaning Center with over 10 years of experience in that area. Braun is the only brand to use alcohol-based cleaning fluid, which eliminates 99.999% of all germs and bacteria in every cleaning process. Tests have shown that using the Clean & Charge Station is 10X more hygienic than simply rinsing the shaver under tap water. And, because regular cleaning provides optimal hygiene, you can experience a fresh shave every day.


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Locks the shaver head at 1 of 5 available shaver-head angles for perfect adaptation to difficult-to-shave areas, like under the nose.

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Powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Series 5 5030s is rechargeable and can be used both cordless and corded. All Series 5 shavers use a powerful 3.6V Li-Ion battery with no memory effect.


Automatic worldwide voltage adjustment (100V—240V) for optimum convenience at home or abroad.

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Full recharge in 1 hour for up to 45 minutes of cordless shaving

A quick, 5-minute charge is sufficient for 1 cordless shave.

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5-level battery display with travel lock and hygiene indicator

Precise indication of battery status with low-charge warning as well as a travel lock and hygiene indicator.

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Waterproof up to 5m for full washability

Fully sealed body (IPX7 tested) can be rinsed quickly and easily under running water.

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Skin-friendly precision trimmer

To trim your sideburns, mustache, or beard with this comfortable and precise tool, simply slide the trimmer upward.

Product Comparison

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790cc 5090cc CT5cc 390cc 190s-1
Foil Shaving Element
Best: OptiFoil effectively captures hair for Braun’s closest shave
Better: SensoFoil easily cuts hair while still being smooth against skin
Good: SmartFoil efficiently shaves hairs growing in different directions
Innovative Features
Pulsonic technology uses 10,000 microvibrations to capture and shave more hair
Personalized shaving modes: Extra Sensitive, Normal, and Intensive
Active Cooling Technology features a ceramic cooling element to cool the skin and minimize irritation
Wet & Dry functionality lets you shave with or without shaving cream
100% waterproof and fully washable design is easily cleaned under running water
Shaving Technologies
Advanced ActiveLift middle trimmer gathers flat-lying hairs for a precise shave
Pivoting head better adapts to the natural contours of your face
3-Stage Cutting System shaves long hair as easily as short hair
Lockable head/foil holds shaving elements in place for added control
Free-Floating Foil System uses independent cutting elements
Long-hair trimmer delivers precise styling for finishing touches
Clean & Renew System Features
Dry & Fast Clean functions prepare the shaver for use in just 25 seconds
3 automatic program selection modes: Short Eco, Normal, and High Intensive
Clean & Renew System cleans, lubricates, and charges shaver for longer-lasting sharpness vs. water cleaning

World’s #1 Foil Shaver Brand. *Based on global Braun value share in electric foil shaver market from May 2013 to April 2014. Source: Leading market research institute
Official Electric Shaver of the NFL
New & improved Braun Series 5 succeeds where others fail. Maximum performance and skin comfort. Even in problem areas.
3X better adaptation. New FlexMotionTec delivers efficient shaving with less pressure, minimizing skin irritation.
20% more motor power. New PowerDrive ensures high-speed cutting, even on dense beards.



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